Sparks Of Green

Just want to know what people think of a horror game Iā€™m working on :slight_smile:

Hi @Brent_Reddick!

Well done so far! I like the door animations and light effect. :ok_hand:

What was the reason to disable the enemy?

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It was for testing purposes, also the door was not animated we used gravity, thanks!

Interesting, it works really well!


I improved it a lot

Just look for bugs affecting gameplay, I also wanna know what people think so I can improve. BTW THIS IS VERY HARD

You need to fix something in the code below, because right now the sound and reloading is running continuously and that cause the browser is freezing.

// add this line to your initialize function
this.gameOver = false;
// replace the code above with this code
else if (this.enemyState === 'Attack') {
    this.enemyDestination.copy(new pc.Vec3(this.enemyTarget.getPosition().x, this.entity.getPosition().y, this.enemyTarget.getPosition().z));
    this.entity.lookAt(new pc.Vec3(this.enemyDestination.x, this.entity.getPosition().y, this.enemyDestination.z));

    if (!this.gameOver) {
        this.gameOver = true;
        this.Jumpscare.enabled = true;'Slot 1');
        }.bind(this), 2000);

For enemy ai
I really want chase music, plz help

@Brent_Reddick Hi, there is a resource in this forum for locating some music/sounds etc. See this link below.