Spanish-speaking community?

Hello everybody!
As recently my post was closed for not respecting the language of the forum, I take the opportunity to offer an apology, I did not know that it was a rigorous regulation, it will not happen again. I want to emphasize that I am using the google translator and that I am not sure how good the quality of the translation is, another reason for which I apologize.
Anyway, I’m new to the world of video game development and when I came across PlayCanvas I was completely amazed at the possibilities it offers … now, when trying to find Spanish-speaking people who also use it, I couldn’t find them. I don’t want to lose hope so I’ll put it here. Is there a discord group or other platform made up mostly of Hispanic developers that actively use PlayCanvas?

From already thank you very much.
Best regards from Argentina!

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Hi @Immolated!

Mexican-born American, here. My Spanish isn’t perfect, but feel free to PM me if you need help in Spanish. I have not seem any Spanish dedicated Playcanvas communities, but the Playcanvas channel is unofficial, so theoretically, you could start one that is more Spanish focused for people to connect with one another.