Spaceship Movement Confusion

Hi, I’m trying to just get my spaceship to move back and forth with W and S keys. It’s for a school project, but the class I’m in never really showed me how to use the coding/script thing, and I have no idea how to do it myself.
I’ve been looking around for answers but everything I find is either too complicated for what I’m trying to do or not related to what I’m doing at all. The closest I’ve found was a script that let me move my character side to side, but it wasn’t a fluid motion (which is what I want.)
I hope this makes sense. If anyone is able to help, I’d really appreciate it!

In addition to this, I’m also experiences problems with the keyboard input(?), where whenever I launch the game it shows an error message saying it cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘keyboard’)

Hi @Avery_Duvall and welcome!

There are a lot of topics that can help you with movement, but please feel free to share your project or code, so someone can point you in the right direction.