Space Shooter Multiplayer

I have a concept for a game that I think would be a great title. Its an open world multiplayer space shooter where players start with enough credit to buy a small second hand spaceship. They have a few models to choose from and in the cockpit is a computer where you find and bid for missions from all over the galaxy.

Missions range from capturing npc outlaws/bounty hunting, escorting other vessels (cargo ships, high profile ships etc.) defending mining/research facilities from npc raiders, or even retrieval missions.

The more credit you earn allows you to upgrade your ship or buy another one. If you buy a larger ship with a cargo hold you can do deliveries and get paid that way as well.

The other aspect I want to include is the ability to board the npc ship once its disabled. You need to board the ship and apprehend the outlaw though sometimes they may give up. You can also choose to go to another mission and let a ranger ship deal with it but you will receive less of a reward.

So players can build up their ship(s) as well as their suit(s) making for more diverse game play.
There are many more key features that I wont mention but that’s the basic concept of the game.

I don’t have any coding or designing experience yet but I am an avid concept artist and can create characters, ships, terrains etc quickly.

It may seem like a big project but once we have enough assets made all the missions will be randomized so it wouldn’t require a story line or anything like that.

If anyone is interested please let me know. Thank you.

hmmm sounds interesting and more simple than some other things im working on i would like to help.

yep this sounds interesting but sadly I can’t

Hey @mcocean! We at Renegade Lab Studios could help you out here! Simply let us know what you would like us to do! We could publish this game under our studio for better PR or we could work with you so that you can publish yourself for a very nominal charge. Please keep me posted.

I can help to the best of my abilities!