Space Game Collaboration 3-5 People

Project Name: Galactic Adventure (Not Finalized)
Role Required: Programmer, Coder, Designer
My Role: Programmer, Designer
Team Size: 3-5 (or more)
Project Length: 3 months (or more)
Project Description: Your in space but rocket ship is out of fuel so you land on a planet in search of fuel. you exit your ship with 3-5 days worth of food and water, a flashlight, 2 extra filled oxygen tanks, and a lazer gun (Not a toy gun). You need to go around the planet finding abandoned space rovers but what you don’t know is your not alone there is a beast guarding SOME space rover.
If you need any extra info ask in comments below. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Mr.Gamer_Afton you still need or no?