Sound source missing

Not sure what you mean? It works fine on Chrome Windows.

If one clicks on the sound source in the bottom:
(says the sound has been deleted) … I cant hear anything (and I have also just updated my Chrome to latest >> with Web Audio Api support)

It’s an old project so the original track on SoundCloud probably has been moved/deleted in that time.

Is the tab muted in chrome? Do you see the visualiser working but hear no audio? Any Chrome plugins that may be stopping it from working and/or blocking content?

I still think there is something wrong - even if I somehow is muted somewhere, there should still be wave input movement (green line; output reaction)

Any errors in the browser console? Sounds like something is blocking the audio playback.

It is possible that since this was done before Chrome and other browsers disallowed autoplaying of audio without user input, that the browser is blocking the auto playback.

Should be a pretty easy fix when forking the project though. The MP3 is part of the project.

Yes - the guys behind should look into it. I have seen it being autoplay in editor-version (without forking though).
Main issue still: the sound is not playing from the start, if I press mute button, the button alters to ‘unmute’.
Pressing ‘unmute’ does something weird in my browser environment. If refreshed from here/unmute-at-example-page, the sound plays.
This is similar to making a user action, on the editor launch (another Chrome window) where (as you stated) the slot sound will play at a user input (I pressed the screen and it worked).

Anyways: hope someone will tidy up the example - at least with a little explanation, to why there are the small irregularities (The sound slot is imported as slot, and not a linked URL-asset + user interaction-play only works fully by editor-or-forking).