SOmething to show and Physics Question


Hello , Physics noob here!! :wink: How does one create collision and barriers on the bridge? I want to prevent my 3D model/character from falling off the bridge and also knock things over using real time physics. I applied all the steps
in regards to adding rigid body and collision components , what else to add or not add?? to create such events.? please send scripts and or sample html suggestions as well , I 'm also thinking scripts are far more powerful than the editors 3d views. please leave your thoughts and suggestions here thanks… Here is the link to the scene


Yes, you have to add two components to your bridge - collision and rigidbody.

But since you do that, your game character have to have physics body as well, otherwise it will intersect is just like now.

It means that you can’t control it by setPosition or translate anymore. You have to use applyForce etc

So there are so many projects with physics and tutorials, just check how it works there.


thanks , I Will try the code tonight and let you know how it did.