Something seems strange when I drop a png to the editor

I have found this problem a few days ago but I don’t have time to ask this question.

And I encounter this problem again today.

This is my description:

I want to upload this .png to my editor.

So I drop this .png to the editor from desktop.

However,that seems to be something wrong.

When I click the landscape.png to open it.

Yes,you can see the landscape.png is skewed, isn’t it?

Why it looks so strange?

What’s wrong with it?

And,it seems that I find another strange thing.

When I delete the landscape.png and I drop again from the desktop.

In this time,you can see that it seems to create a landscape.jpeg.

And when I click the landscape.png again.

Aha,you will see the image is normal.

So,what’s wrong with it?

Why it seems so strange?

Is is a bug?

Who can tell me?

I am so confused.

Are your textures being resized? PlayCanvas automatically resizes texture to be a power of two (POT). So an image that is 100x60 will be resize to be 128x60.

You can disable this temporarily in the scene settings under “Asset Tasks” -> “Texture POT”

This is explained in the docs here:


By default, imported images will be resized to the next highest power of two. For example, an image that is 400x400 will be resized to 512x512 on import. This is done because the graphics engine cannot utilize mipmapping with non-power of two textures. However, this behavior can be overridden by disabling the ‘Textures POT’ setting in the Asset Tasks panel before importing a non-power of two texture.