Some questions about PlayCanvas


I have some problems in my project that are making my project frozen.
I know there are many questions but I would get pleased if someone could help me :smile:

1) Is it possible to access a model hierarchy? I know that by code I can access them, but I need to disable some of them also, and maybe changing their particular materials.

2) Is it possible to move colliders when a model animation is being executed? Imported animations and models doest not get colliders animated when running.

3) Does PlayCanvas have a way to make scene transitions? Or do I need to remove all items in the scene manually and then load the new scene entities to root?

4) I am not able to add words containing accents in HTML files. Once my target language is portuguese, I really need to have accents is these files. If I try to save something with accent, I get this error: “Error while saving: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character XXX in position XXX: ordinal not in range(128)”.

5) Once the project is getting big, is there a way to organize things in folders?

6) Internet sometimes is not so good here. So, is there a way I can host PlayCanvas fully offline, including the Editor?

Thanks! :wink:

  1. Models have an array of mesh instances (pc.MeshInstance). There isn’t an official way to disable/hide an individual mesh instance, but this should work:

    function disableMeshInstance(meshInstance) {
    var index = app.scene.drawCalls.indexOf(meshInstance);
    if (index !== -1) {
    app.scene.drawCalls.splice(index, 1);

To change the material, just do:

meshInstance.material  = myMaterial;
  1. You would only be able to do this in script, programatically creating entities with collision components and adding them as children of whatever nodes in the model’s hierarchy you want.

  2. Check out this and this.

  3. I suspect this is a bug - I’ve logged it for you.

  4. Asset folders should be deployed in the next week. How’s that for service? :wink:

  5. No, you cannot use the Editor offline.

Hi @Adilsonxds,

I wanted to let you know that this is now fixed. Thanks for letting us know :sunny: