Some object not casting shadows

Some object in my scene are not casting shadows when “update mode” of light is selected “once”.
But it will cast when “update mode” is “real time”.

When update mode is Once, it means shadow map will be rendered “once”, I suspect you having a directional light there with some distance where it rendered shadowmap once, then you fly out of its range, and you get to places where shadowmap has no casting there.
If you need rarely updated shadowmap from sun, you could do update once, and periodical update again, you can do it from code to change

this.entity.light.shadowUpdateMode = pc.SHADOWUPDATE_THISFRAME;

This will update light next frame and switch to non updating again. So run this every few seconds or so, this will reduce complexity on rendering and will allow you to have directional lights with small range.

I am using Point light. In editor shadow is showing correctly but not when it is launched.

Best way to look at the problem - is to post link to a project.

Ah, I guess a project is private. I have no access to it.
You could add me (max) as read-only so I could have a look.

Or have a separate small public project example replicating an issue.