Some minor issue i noticed

Hello, in the editor i noticed that when you select a json models are not shown as before but it’s shown the material (also in the assets selection). When testing the game the textures of the buildings changes randomly like it loose the texture mapping or change the tiling value.

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Hi @ayrin,

That’s interesting, I am not sure I have seen this before. Are you able to share a small video of that happening in your editor?

Hi @ayrin,

Happens to me all the time. Do not know why but all I know is that it’s the shop where you get your models from like sketchfab.

  1. Could be the shadow element if you have that in your game.
  2. It can be the place where you get your models/materials.

I hadn’t this issue till 2 days ago, yesterday it started

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Had you changed something during that time? (Materials)

Nope just code but not related to lights or materials

Hmm, There definitely was not a engine update.
Does it happen with all houses or only one?

3 so far as i can see i posted the video of 2 of them

I think the problem is the material. Even though you might have not changed anything like materials I think this material is supposed to do that. Try the same house but putting a different material/texture on it.

Ok those buildings were lightmapped i removed the lightmap and all went in place

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Though the json models are shown as material in the assets window, nothing big but make more difficult to visual identify them

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A lightmap should not change the UV of a texture like that. Not sure what is the cause of this. If possible, could you create an empty project with that single building and add @yaustar there? You can make it private, if the asset IP is of concern. He will take it from there. There is some work on the engine side related to lighting done by @mvaligursky, so it may be useful to check.


Edit: Thanks @Albertos!

In this case it does not matter how many buildings are involved @Gabriel_Dobrzynski, because the problem of all buildings probably has the same cause.

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Created it but the problem don’t show i added anyway @yaustar

Ok i checked a dubt and it proven to be rigth, the issue show when i moving to a new village. Means the buildings are teleported to (x,y,z,r1,r2,r3) after that the issue show off I add @yaustar also to the main project if needed else if you want see it for yourself load the game from editor press M to view the map, click on .Foren (or another village) and click Fast route when the new village is show the Inn and the merchant building show the issue. The 5 seals. The code that handle the buildings replacement is terrain.js

Do you have two buildings on top of each other? I’m off for the next week so don’t have time to look at the project unfortunately.