Some issue with colliders

I made a small project to demonstrate the issue.

The setup:

  • The small box is initially partially inside the big box and disabled.
  • Both boxes have the same color.
  • Small box is cloned, moved up and enabled.

Expected result:

  • The box should fall and make the big box colored blue.

Actual result:

  • Big box is blue from the start.


  • Also a simple image element clone can be seen distorted, if not added to the graph but enabled. Probably related.
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Just checked it’s acting weird :confused: Also it’s “falling box” children length should be 1 not 2. I removed model from it and its length changed to 1.
I tried finding but couldn’t. ontriggerEnter is calling before setting position.:confused:

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Looks like it is only an issue of the very first frame of when the scene is loaded. Cloning the falling block at any other time is fine (or enabling it later with a keypress). At a guess, the order of updates may be different when a scene is loaded compared to the standard update order.

Created three issues based on this:

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Thank you for looking into this, @yaustar!