Some assets not showing up in project and some are stuck with the yellow "light" in dashboard

I’m trying to add some models and animations to my project but some are not showing up in the editor and some are staying with yellow lights in the dashboard (and even some of the ones stuck with yellow lights are showing up in the editor and can be used). Sometimes I need to add and re-add multiple times before it’ll show up.

I’m not getting any errors in the editor, and I’m not sure why somethings are not showing up. The sizes are not that big (most models are a couple MB).

Any ideas ?

Sometimes, it works to delete the items and then re-upload them, but if they aren’t showing up in the editor asset menu, usually the PlayCanvas editor doesn’t support that file type.
Hope that helps!

Hi Richard,

We’re looking into your problems now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Richard,

We’ve fixed a few issues with model and texture importing today (unusual texture formats, etc).

Can you try again and see if it works now? Please let us know if you still have problems.

Same problems. I’ve PM’d you an example of one of the trouble makers.

Looks like it’s failing to import the textures because they are PSD files. We do have some support for PSD files, but they are complex beasts.

If you can remove the PSD textures or replace them with png or jpg it should work.

We’re working on improvements to the pipeline at the moment, so even if the PSD import fails we should import the model regardless.

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Ah, OK. I’ll get the artist to re-export. Maybe get a message in the editor when something fails to import saying approximately why, I imagine the error is caught, just nothing is displayed ?