[SOLVED] Why there is no coordinate system gizmo on the camera?

Why has it no co-odinate system arrows on the camera? It’s not easy to adjust the angle\scale\postion.

in following picture, it has no co-ordinate system on the camera

when I click the cube, it has co-ordinate system nomally.

I have also encountered the same problem. I suspect it is a bug in the camera component. Recently, I was working on a product display project with a transparent background. I unchecked the “Clear Color Buffer” option and the same problem occurred. When moving the camera from the camera perspective, other bugs also appeared. I hope it can be resolved :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @goinix_project!

This is most likely a bug.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve created Camera gizmo has disappeared · Issue #1072 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub.

It is a regression in v1.66 of the engine. We’ll investigate as priority!

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Looking at the picture of @smalle, this also looks like a bug to me. :upside_down_face:

This is now fixed! Actually it was fixed yesterday. :smile:

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Thanks a lot!