[SOLVED] Why the profiler display double the number of triangles for my GLB?

I discover that the amount of triangles given by the profiler about my GLB model is “almost” the double of what the 3D software (with which the model was created) and what the official Khronos GLTF validator give me.

My project is a copy of @yaustar project (Loading glTF GLBs) with Draco decoder added.

When I hit play using the profiler,


I can see that the amount of triangle is 704 680:

But, if I upload the same model (still draco compressed) into the Khronos GLTF validator, we can see at the very bottom of the page that the amount of triangles is in fact 352 331 (similar to the 3D software).


So we have 704 680 VS 352 331 triangles.

We can also see some differences about the amount of materials (74 vs 71).

What could explain this difference? Is this an error from the profiler? Is this because of the Playcanvas rendering system?

One for @mvaligursky?

As a guess, your model is rendered to a shadow map, as your light has shadow casting enabled … and so we render the mesh twice per frame. Regarding materials - skybox and maybe something else?


It is a very good guess!

I just unchecked the “cast shadows” and the amount of triangles is now half of the amount before.


Thank you!

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