[SOLVED] Why is my Character Animation Doubled?

Hi! I’m currently creating a 3D Game and I’m currently experiencing a problem. Why am I seeing 2 versions of my Character and why can’t my Character play the animations I’ve set? It would mean a lot to me if someone help solve my issue.

Here’s the link to my project

Thanks in advance!

Hi @iscm!

You see two versions of your character because you have two versions in your scene. The Render entity here is incorrect and need to be removed.


The conditions you set in your script don’t match with the conditions of your Anim State Graph. The first letter of the conditions in your script need to be a capital letter as well.



Apart from that, below seems to be another mistake.


Hi Albertos!

I followed your comments about my game and everything seems to be working now, thank you so much. I really appreciate your help!

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