[SOLVED] Why doesn't this link work?

I tried to open this link to play canvas i found across the web http://apps.playcanvas.com/playcanvas/scifi/latest it does not let me open it why?

Old link, dead link, etc. Wonder what it used to point to :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too m8 i seen it on a website and thought it would be cool but then it wouldnt work so i asked about it :confused:

It used to point to this. It was one of our very first tech demos we ever mande in PlayCanvas, over 5 years ago. The multiplayer server was taken down a few years back so we took it offline.

Damn that looks amazing will. Is it possible we could remake it? it seems like it could make it far.

The artwork was purchased from an online asset marketplace, so we were never able to make the project public. But if you want to make something similar, you can buy the assets we did here.

Ok thx @will i will try my hardest ^^