[SOLVED] Why can't I import project now?

I just find I can’t import project in to playcanvas. It shows the message “Error Coudl not import project” when import progress went to 100% done.

What ever the project I exported today or serveral monthes ago, it has same errors.


Hi @goinix_project,

Just to verify, are you trying to import a previously exported project not a project build .zip, right?

Calling @yaustar on this.

In addition to Leonidas’ question, how large is the ZIP and how much space do you have left in your account?

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Yes, I used the project exported zip file, not the publish download one.
I exported and imported them success several times before.

How big is the zip and how much space do you have left on your account?

Just 40MB or 60MB, My account is “personal”, has 10GB space. The space is big enough.

Can you DM me your ZIP and a screenshot of the page that you are importing the project on please? I would like to double check storage space etc and also check the ZIP

Resolved by DM and email. The issue was that import wouldn’t work with chinese characters in the file name. Removing them from the file name fixed the issue.

Created a bug ticket for this: https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/848

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Thanks @yaustar, I changed the file name into pure english characters, and imported it sucessful.

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