[SOLVED] Where is fly-camera.js?

I see fly-camera.js referenced like this in the Fly example:

    // add the fly camera script to the camera
    this.app.assets.loadFromUrl('../../scripts/camera/fly-camera.js', 'script', function (err, asset) {

Where I can find that script?

Hello @Michael_McCrickard
I have never seen a fly-camera.js myself. But it is possible that there could be or you make one yourself. :thinking:

There is a fly-camera.js script in the project below, but I don’t know if this script works on the latest PlayCanvas version. It doesn’t seem to work on my mobile anymore.


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Hi @Michael_McCrickard,

You can find it here as well, along with other camera controllers:


Aha! Engine scripts! Thanks, @Leonidas.

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