[SOLVED] When changing from blur camera to normal on IOS, camera goes black?

Hi, Playcanvas noob here!

I’m currently building a Web experience where users can experience different eye conditions.

The video is working fine on pc.

The blur effect and other filters work fine on Android, but when turning to back to normal on ios it turns black, (but with ui still showing) after changing away from “Graa Stær” which is another camera with blur added.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong?

Last time when i compressed the files, the alpha textures dind’t work anymore. But i’m trying to compress the PVR now.

Dind’t help, it still turns black when switching back to the normal camera.

First with normal AR Cam:

When changing to Blurry cam:

When changing back to normal Cam

Tests were done on Iphone 5SE but same problem persists on other iphones.

Do you get any errors in console? https://developer.apple.com/safari/tools/

Nope i get nothing at All, it Loads the camera etc. Cleanly :/. If i can figure out how to acces a specific script on another component i can maybe solve it by just increasing and decreasing the Bloom amout :thinking:

Apparently IOS doesn’t like when you turn on/off cameras. So by only changing the bloom amount i made it work! :smiley:

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