[SOLVED] What's the maximum number of bone influences used by PlayCanvas?


We are trying to get prepared for an upcoming project, and hoping to use PlayCanvas again.

I have a question regarding meshes with skeletons. What is the max influences a vert can have in the play canvas engine? We are importing a character into the play canvas world (via gitf) and the mesh is exploding/collapsing. Playing around with the max influences in Maya seems to help, but so far haven’t found a limit that works. (It’s a biped humanoid character).

Any info is appreciated!

Hi @Travis,

From what I am aware of the limit right now is 4 influences per vertex. I think also it’s a WebGL limit, not Playcanvas only due to the way VertexBuffers are set:

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It is 4, which is what most game engines use. But it’s not WebGL limit, additional weights could be passed in as different attributes, or using texture … options are there, but it’s not commonly used.


Thanks for the info, you two. Just what I needed to know!