[SOLVED] What size does a PhotoSphere need to be?

I tried to build a photosphere in playcanvas and it looked kinda strange. Some of the code I looked at seemed to suggest a radius of 5000 which seems pretty massive and outside the normal camera range. What size do you think it should be?

Using CubeMap (6 texture faces) with skybox in scene settings will do a better job. It will be always around camera, not intersect with your world stuff, and is perfectly aligned.

Is it possible to convert equirectanguar format to a cube map? As this is the most common panaramic camera format.

Yep, easily.
Even better if you have HDR one.

I use cmftStudio: https://github.com/dariomanesku/cmftStudio
Add environment map, and then you can save it as FaceList, will save each face for cubemap, make sure they are power of two resolution, and then upload it to playcanvas, throw to cubemap asset and drag cubemap to scene empty space or to scene settings skybox.

excellent, thank you.