[SOLVED] What do the little circles next to files mean?

What do the little circles next to files mean exactly? eg…

I am assuming it means that those files are not used in the project, but if so will these files also get included in the build? Should I remove them if not needed?

It means that they are not referenced in the scene. However, as these are library files (Basis in this case), they are used and loaded globally and should be kept in the project.

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I’m not actually using basis to compress anything though so I may as well remove it yes?

Also I have a bunch of textures /images with this little circle. If I remove them will the build become smaller? They are not needed.

If that’s the case, yes.

The circle is only shown if it’s not used in the current scene. It doesn’t tell you if its being used in other scenes or being loaded dynamically via script.

Removing assets, yes the build will become smaller but unless they were preloaded as well, it won’t affect loading times because even if it included in the build but preloaded is unticked, it isn’t downloaded unless explicitly done by script or if referenced by another asset that is used in the scene.

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