[SOLVED] What are the acceptable audio formats?

Sometimes wen i download ogg files they will play fine in the editor but not when you launch.
Its not all ogg files , just some of them.

Browsers support any number of the following formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG:


From examining the tables, you can see that:

  • OGG is generally best avoided if you want to support Safari, IE or Edge
  • WAV is not supported in IE and the lack of compression makes is a poor choice for PlayCanvas apps
  • MP3 has the best cross browser support (closely followed by AAC)

If an OGG file plays in the Editor, I see no reason why it shouldn’t play in the Launcher. This is more likely to be either a bug in the engine or a bug in your app code.

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Unfortunately i am using chrome experimental which has issues with mp3.
Looks like its and engine issue because it’s possible for me to open the ogg with a sound converter and output it out again as ogg and then it plays fine in both the editor and the engine.

I will just convert them in the future if they don’t work.