[SOLVED] Weird lighting issue in new engine version 1.53.2

Hello everyone!

So, recently we’ve noticed a weird issue with lighting in our project. It seems to happen only on models with ambient occlusion maps. It looks way darker than it was on previous engine version 1.52.6.

When switching back and forth between engine versions, the problem disappears.

Do you guys have any idea of what may be happening?




Hi @cesaramh and welcome,

When did you import those models to the PlayCanvas editor?

It may be related to this issue:

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I think this might be something different - as the darkness is at the right locations (so it does not seem to be upside-down texture), but their intensity is off.

Are you able to create some small repro for us to look at @cesaramh ?


I tried to reproduce this with a material with just an ambient occlusion, and that seems to work correctly for me using both versions.

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Might be related to this PR?

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Thanks for being so attentive @mvaligursky!

I’ve just created a reproduction of the issue, here you’ve got it: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

It’s been created by a different team member, but the issue remains visible.

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately, this didn’t help with our problem. Models have been imported recently, in the past couple of months, so it doesn’t look like it’s related to this.


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Sorry for this @cesaramh. Fix is in this PR. Needs testing then will be released.


This should now be fixed.

Thank you very much! Really quick response :wink: