[SOLVED] Weird issues with player physics when running in "loop"

i’ve been trying to emulate sonic physics these past few days, and it’s working mostly fine on flat ground, but when i made a test loop to try and see how it works 360, there were bizarre bugs with it. sonic would slow down at around the 90 degree rotated ground, and would fly off the ground when reaching the 135 degree rotated ground. i tried checking to see if i did any part of it wrong, but i found nothing. is there something in my code causing this?

editor: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/873283

If you are doing sonic physics, using a ‘real’ physics library makes it difficult to do.

I would avoid using Ammo and use tile based collisions and custom physics logic instead.

If you wish to continue using Ammo, I would make global gravity 0 and apply gravity locally to sonic so when it comes to doing loops, depending on the speed of Sonic, you could apply ‘gravity’ to ensure Sonic sticks to the floor in the loop.

i will continue using ammo and also i solved the problem on my own. so i guess it’s solved