[SOLVED] Weird bug with shadows

I’m experiencing a weird bug with the shadows. I’m not even sure what’s causing it.

Here’s a short video showing the issue.

The shadow goes away if I move the player or the camera even a little bit. But if I jump, it goes away and then comes back.

I can easily make it go away by changing the player’s spawn position on the Z axis.

Live Demo:(Only accepts touch input)


Are you still getting the issue? I can’t see it in the build.

Yes it’s still there. I opened the GitHub demo on my Android device on Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge, and it’s there on both.

I’m trying it on my Android Chrome and the shadow looks fine here.

Sorry, but just to confirm. Did you start the game in landscape mode and made sure to not touch the screen after it started?


Looks fine on my old Samsung device (Android).

Thanks for testing it out. Might be a device specific issue.

I’ll do this for now and I’m marking this as SOLVED.