[SOLVED] Weird Black points issue on the textures in IOS 14

Hey, I am working on a product configurator. I have applied textures to the model. It is working fine on PC and Android devices but showing weird black points in ios. Let me show you a picture.

This is the snapshot taken from the pc device in which it’s working fine.

These snapshots are taken from ios device that shows black dots on the texture. It will be great if anyone can guide about the issue.
Here is a link to the respective build : Tent Model - PLAYCANVAS

Hi @saif,

Quite strange, I can confirm this issue on an iPhone X running iOS 14:

Can you try disabling the light shadows? It seems some kind of artifacts that may be related to shadows.

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I have disabled the light shadows but don’t have an ios device right now to check. Can you check it for me?

Issue also visible in iOS 13.6.1:

With light shadows disabled:

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Yes, with disabled shadows the issue is gone I can confirm.

@saif, try changing the shadow type (I think I got shadow artifacts in the past with a certain type, can’t remember now) and/or try playing with the shadow bias and the normal offset bias parameters, and see if that fixes it:



Thanks @Leonidas for the help. Now I find a clue about where actually the problem is. Will play around with the shadow values too.

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I had a black spot visible in my spotlight when I enabled shadows. When I changed the shadow type to Variance Shadow Map, the black spot was gone. Maybe you can try that too.

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Thanks @Albertos. Will try that <3

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