[SOLVED] Weird ammo error

I was making an endless level when I got this error:

failed to initialize module=Ammo error=wasm module aborted.

[ammo.wasm.js?id=164171359&branchId=b2942a4a-94bf-41e2-93e8-f20607f1c95f&t=6b7ab3989e4f9f17c86e44380f9181c6:20]: Uncaught RuntimeError: abort(OOM). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info.

This only happens when I try to spawn the template.


The script is makeTemp

I’ve never seen this before

Are you spawning a template recursively? I’ve had this happen when I accidentally made a template spawn itself which would cause an infinite loop eventually resulting in an out of memory error.

oh that may be it hol up

yeah thats it, the fix is to make it check for a player tag