[SOLVED] WebXR Inline Session: "No runtimes supported the requested configuration"

I’m trying the Inline session of the WebXR API integrated in Playcanvas like this immersive-web demo.

Based on this Playcanvas XR documentation, we are able to go in inline session with something similar to this:

this.cameraEntity.camera.startXr(pc.XRTYPE_INLINE, pc.XRSPACE_LOCAL);

Sadly, I may do something wrong because when I start the session, I receive this error:


Still, this should work because I get these return when testing:

//return true

//return true

Also, I can go in AR move and VR mode and I’m pretty sure that my browser have the requested configuration because I have no problem with the immersive-web demo.

Did I miss something? Is there something else needed for an inline session with WebXR?

EDIT: I don’t have this error when my WebXR Api Emulator is active. This remind me a similar problem with the AR module.

I got it!

It looks like pc.XRTYPE_INLINE is incompatible with pc.XRSPACE_LOCAL.
It should be pc.XRSPACE_VIEWER.

I’m not sure if its the correct behavior for WebXR though.


Interestingly, the example you linked has two XR sessions? Not sure if that’s something that the engine implementation can do/supported :thinking: