[SOLVED] WebVR mobile compatibility - page not loading at all

I’ve been building a WebVR app that is supposed to work on both Android and iOS. However, on some devices, the page isn’t even loading (IPhone 7).
I’ve also tested with one of the example projects and the same.(https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/webvr-lab/)

However, with a normal 3D project that has no VR it works well, so my guess is webVR is not supported on some devices.
Do you know if not-loading at all a playcanvas page could be because of lack of perfomance, or am I missing something?
Also, do you know of any list of devices that do support Playcanvas + WebVR and those who are not?


Hi @silidragos and welcome!

Indeed the crash you see might be due to lack of RAM or VRAM available, on older iOS devices memory can be quite limited. Not sure though if that’s the case with the iPhone 7.

The WebVR API is getting deprecated in the near future, to be replaced by a newer implementation called WebXR. WebVR didn’t manage to achieve broad browser support so usually a polyfill is required to run it on a non supported device, and that can be potentially problematic.

Here is a list of how current browsers support both APIs:


Playcanvas right now exposes and supports the WebVR API, but I know that there is work on the background to support the newer WebXR.

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That’s correct. And here’s the PR that will bring WebXR support:

Sooooo close. :slight_smile:


Solved - the problem was indeed the VRAM. The application was quite small but some big textures were reused a lot of times. After I made it smaller it was loading but the app was static, no VR. For this I had to manually request for devicemotion rights on Safari (Android worked without). Everything works smoothly now. Thanks for help!

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