[SOLVED] WebVR broken - gyroscope issue


Discovered a problem with WebVR support today, the screen shakes like crazy, i suspect it might be related to the gyroscope / orientation of the device. This has been tested on published scenes from today and last year.

Upon launching the app and rotating the device the screen shakes violently - I have tried this on Chrome, Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev on Android, with 2 handsets - Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S9.

I’ve tried a fresh fork from the standard VR project - same results. I have no issues with different WebVR solutions such as A-Frame, for example.

Any help would be appreciated.

The webvr polyfill that PlayCanvas is out of date due to a change Chrome introduced in a recent release.

If you have capability to export the build, then you could replace the polyfill or the URL to the up to date version from another source.

For day to day testing, you can enable WebVR in chrome flags.

Not the best solution but should keep you progressing until PlayCanvas update their WebVR polyfill branch and test it with their engine.

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Many thanks Yaustar that’s worked a treat.