[SOLVED] WebGPU is available in PlayCanvas?

I wanted to know if we can use webGPU in the current version of playcanvas and how can we implement it.

The engine support is being added, and it’s at a good level, but not all features work at the moment. Also, in some cases (for example shader creation), a code needs to be lightly adjusted to work between both WebGL and WebGPU.

The support for launcher is in internal experimental stage, where we can launch applications from the Editor in WebGPU mode. You can try tris by modifying the parameters of the launched application, for example: https://launch.playcanvas.com/1931212?webgpu=true&debug=true

But note that this is not officially ready for production, and it’s likely you’ll encounter issues. But please give it a go and ask for advice on the forum if you hit some issues.

Lastly, we currently do not have support building / publishing of the WebGPU application from the Editor, that is still to be done.


Thanks @mvaligursky

So @mvaligursky to test this out I have to create a sort of environment with lighting and launch it with this parameter(webgpu=true) right?

Not sure what you mean by environment with lighting. Just a normal application, same as webgl.

I just created a new project in the Editor (public)

Normally, when you launch it this gets loaded:

to make it use WebGPU, you use this instead:

Try those links, it’s a public project so they should just work for you (as long as you’re logged in)

If you open the dev console in Chrome, you can see it uses WebGPU in the console:

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Oh thanks @mvaligursky i got it :smiley:

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An update is here: Build WebGPU Apps Today with PlayCanvas | PlayCanvas Blog