[SOLVED] VR application sound issues

I have noticed a few issues on the audio on playcanvas when using the VR Starter Kit + WebVR 1.0

Sound tested was a looping non positional sound.

On HTC Vive I get no sound at all
On IOS Chrome there is no sound to begin with and the sound only plays after I click the Enter VR button.
On IOS Safari again no sound to begin with and the sound only plays after I click the Enter VR button.
On Windows Desktop without VR support I get sound all the time.

Anyone else experienced any sound issues when using WebVR 1.0 ?

For iOS Safari (and Chrome, which essentially ‘wraps’ iOS Safari), that is a function/feature of the browser. It disallows any page audio output until the user has interacted proactively with the page (i.e. initiated a touch). I guess this it to prevent pages blaring out audio unexpectedly on load.

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks.

Still doesn’t help with my HTC Vive sound issue (which is ruining my fun :slight_smile: ). I should of noted that what ever playcanvas game I use it doesn’t output sound to the Vive when using chrome experimental. Normal chrome is fine but experimental no sound. Hopefully the WebVR spec will make it into the main chrome branch soon and the fun can begin.

After testing it seems that no windows applications output sound to the HTC Vive unless the HMD is on. For example if I want to listen to youtube through the Vive I need to first launch a VR app (anything will do even the play canvas starter kit as long as the HMD initialises) and then I can hear sound. I was wondering if that might be the issue, perhaps the sound system on playcanvas initialises before the VR and therefore doesn’t see its audio port (I have no idea what I am talking about)

Experimental builds of Chromium don’t include an MP3 decoder as it is propriatory and can’t be included in the open source project.

I suspect that you are finding that anything using MP3 sound (most of our PlayCanvas applications) doesn’t work in that version of Chromium.

PlayCanvas audio works fine if you are using another format e.g. Ogg Vorbis.

ah! yes that could very well be it, I will try that tonight and let you know.
Many thanks Dave