[SOLVED] Visualizing axis/direction of the world?

the idea is simple: place 4 entities far from the center of the action, for example: (x: -5000, x: 5000… thus obtaining reference points, but how to display them properly? It would be easiest to use 2d screen, but how to position them properly and make them “move” only in the corners, when the camera turns, the display must also change.

I remember there were “quest” or “target” example where arrow was moving around the screen based on the player position and target location, can’t find it though

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Mmm, you could use the following example to position UI elements on world position:



Thanks, I did what was possible using that but got really weird results, even after fixing the inverted stuff (when the box is behind/back of the camera) the cornering wasn’t that good, top and bottom worked nicely but the sides acted weird, very very sensitive compared to top/bottom, probably I’ll have to think of something else

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