[SOLVED] Visual inconsistency between Debug mode and the Web download version


I’m currently working on a project that have an emphasis on the visual. Sadly, when I setup my project in the editor and I test it in the debug mode, everything is correct. But when I download the project and launch it by code, the visual is slightly different.

Here, the same shader we the same param have different result. The glossiness or the light intensity is like boosted by 20% in the downloaded version.

When I checked the generated Json (697542.json)_ and the config Json and the Json from my shader, it’s look similar.

What are the parameters that can influence this?

  1. Skybox
  2. Ligths
  3. Shaders
  4. ???

Editor (Good version):


Downloaded (Bad version):


Update: I disable all lights and I think the problem come from the Skybox. In the console, my skybox in editor mode is 64KB but in the downloaded version, it’s 512KB.

Can you create a simple scene that exhibits the problem for us to debug?

Oh actually, it’s not a bug of Playcanvas. I discovered that a map was used in the Debug mode but the color.