[SOLVED] Uploading To Itch.io

I want to upload my game to itch.io and I need to upload it today, and I am in no interest to upgrade (yet) is there a way to convert the zip to html5 or something? plz help

You don’t need to upgrade for this. Unzip the ZIP and you will have all the files that you need to upload to a host like itch.io

really? can you show me what I need to extract

It’s one ZIP file to extract. Not sure what the complicated part is?


Will it work as a browser game?


@Kevin_Herod / @Deadshot1m24 Can you help them out with this as you have done this before

Actually, looking at the docs, you can just upload the PlayCanvas build ZIP as is: Uploading HTML5 games - itch.io

ok, so my game file has the index.html thing in it, but when I put in in playcanvas it says the file I get this

Some of your assets probably has really long file names. You will need to go through your project and shorten any that are really long

ok, I will see if that works

I can’t remember if shortening asset names actually changes the file names :thinking: It’s something that you will have to try

Cant I just change the file name in the zip file, or does it have to be straight from the game

Alternatively, you could iframe your PlayCanvas publish link in itch.io instead?

What is iframe?

You can but you have to update the config.json file as well as that has the asset id to filename mapping.

how do I iframe?

Hmm, looks like they don’t support iframing games :thinking:

will changing asset names affect my game? I dont want to break anything

Only if you are searching by asset name in code.