[SOLVED] Uploading PlayCanvas Game to Koji?

Hey everyone,

I would like to upload my game to the Koji platform. Apparently, the only way to do this is to create what is known as a scaffold.

For example a p5.js scaffold would look like this - https://withkoji.com/en/~kumar_abhirup/p5-js-scaffold-no-bloat-

Is it possible to do something similar for PlayCanvas? If so how?

Took a look around their dev docs and I can see Playcanvas having no issue to work on that platform.

Each Playcanvas build is a fully compliant HTML/CSS/JS application.

Now each Koji app is a “remix” of an existing app, so you can search and find a boilerplate HTML/JS app and adjust it to host the Playcanvas build. I imagine this would require some work to get it right but eventually you will get there.

Here is their how to get started guide:


Thanks. Something like this - https://withkoji.com/en/~seane/blank-starter-browserify?

Sorry I have never used this platform before.

Try that, it might work for you.

It looks like it is more like CodePen rather than a place to host games. The output of the playcanvas editor kind of goes against the idea of what WithKoji is for.

Using the PlayCanvas engine only is more appropriate for use on the WithKoji platform.

I’ll download the code, without concatenating scripts, and upload it to the Koji Editor. Do you think that would work @yaustar?

Maybe, I can’t remember what the publish process does (does it still minify or remove comments?)

Again, it kind of goes against the ethos of what the Koji platform is for though which is to use it as the editor.

Why do you want it on Koji?

I’m creating a game template for Koji to use(which is what my racing game is for). They said I can use any game engine as long as they can remix the project later on from the Koji editor.

The problem is a lot of the assets can’t be easily remixed. For example, how will they change the font without access to the PlayCanvas Editor?

I contacted the admin on Koji. He said that we can remix a project called webpack for what we need. Once I download the project, and upload it to the Koji editor, all the assets will show up in the editor. They can be replaced inside of the editor after this.