[SOLVED] "Unlimited Public Projects" - False Advertising?

I was looking at the pricing guide and it states “All plans include unlimited public projects”

This is in fact incorrect since the free plan is limited to 200MB of public projects and all plans contain a storage limit of some kind for public & private projects.

Surely from a legal standpoint this should be removed or altered? Or did I miss something?

You can create an unlimited number of public projects. As opposed to private projects where the is a limit to how many you can create.

I understood what the meaning was but the reality is that you cannot create an unlimited number of public projects since every project requires space and there is a limit on the space. Hence why I am raising the issue of false advertising. Even blank projects require space. I could probably even calculate the maximum number of public projects the system will allow. Does that sound “unlimited”?
It should state that you can have as many public projects as the storage space in the package allows as that is the actual truth.

Au contraire, mon ami! Empty projects don’t contribute to your quota. :smiley:

I stand corrected, you can indeed create an unlimited number of blank public projects.

Or just one that has 200mb model in it

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Free accounts are really for testing out PlayCanvas and making simple apps/games. For example, my Flappy Bird project is about 250KB. Anyone who wants to use PlayCanvas seriously should consider upgrading to a subscription. We gotta pay those AWS bills somehow. :wink:

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I don’t have a problem with playcanvas charging for the service as its very good, it was the false claim of “Unlimited Public Projects” that I was drawing attention to but it’s really not that big of an issue so I will drop it.