[SOLVED] Unknown errors at launch

you friggen broke my game because i didn’t do anything and it broke overnight

why playcanvas, why

pls help me PLS

playcanvas, your site broke my game

Can you please post a link to the project?

Is it this project? https://playcanvas.com/project/770449/overview/l2d-season-4-rift-island

Looks like someone on your team has deleted all the assets and scenes.

I’ve added myself to the project and you can see the changes on version control that everything has been deleted by someone :frowning:

Your best bet here is to restore to a previous checkpoint and remove all users from the project.

heres the project

this project, not rift island PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Master branch seems to load fine barring an error from the script:

then why do i get that unique error

If you are still getting it can you open the browser console log and see what errors you have with a screenshot please?

Ah, looks like it might be related to that coding error. The error in the script could be stopping the game from loading in your case

I would look at fixing that code error first and see if that solves your issue

i have no idea how to fix that error, could you try?
i have no idea why that error exists

It’s calling a function that doesn’t exist

I’ve forked the project here: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

And commented out the two lines that are affected by the error to get the game running again

idk how to fix that though and where

idk how to fix that in code tho

and are the commented lines of code needed to be deleted, or added?

deleted the code you wanted me to and i got this error