[SOLVED] Unity3D Prefab alternative

Seems like playCanvas doesn’t have a similar idea to Unity3D prefab, so I decided to make myself something as close as I could get it to be. But, why not share it =)


The basic idea is to have your assets ready in current scene or other scene and create clones out of it.

Let me know if it is helpful and if you need help with it.

We have a template/prefab feature very close to release :slight_smile:

If you wold like access to it, please let me know and I can add you to the beta (will need your PlayCanvas username)


My user name is guzu.

I’ve seen someone mentioning there is work in progress, but didn’t know it can be accessed =D

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Works wonderfully! And it is exactly what I’m expecting :+1:
Anyone coming from Unity will surely appreciate that feature being there.

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Hello, i made a spaceship in a scene and want to use it in the main scene.

My use name is qtest

+1 :slight_smile:

When I’m next back at work, I will look at adding you two to the beta. @IRONMANROMEO, I will need your PlayCanvas username too.

Could I get added to the beta? A prefab feature would be extremely helpful, and plus I’d love to help test out new features pre-release :wink:

Edit: username is geekydud

Added. :tada:

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We have 2 accounts: “valxer” (organization) and “ironmanromeo” (personal).


Hi @yaustar, I’m interested also interested in accessing this beta feature. My username is Chanelle.


i feel like getting added so add me aswell my name is -ehsaanakhan- idk if this is case sensitive or not but yeah


please add protagonist username to the beta of this feature. Thanks!

Hi @protagonist and welcome,

Playcanvas Templates have already been released for public use, you can find them available in any project of yours.



My user name is FuLing. please

Hi @FuLing and welcome,

Templates have been officially released and are available to all PlayCanvas users. You can study more about them here: