[SOLVED] Uncaught EvalError: Possible side-effect in debug-evaluate

Hey guys,

I’m getting following errors on the launch page https://launch.playcanvas.com/XXXXX each time when typing something in the console - even when typing, without evaluating the code.
It happens in different projects using different browsers, clearing cache/localstorage doesn’t help.

Is it possible to fix that on my side?


It’s from a Chromuim update

Its generally safe to ignore and as it’s something that is integrated into devtools of the browser, there’s not really a fix on our side.

At the moment, I’m thinking if we can just filter out/not catch those specific errors

Yes, would be nice to filter those if they don’t impact anything!
This is super annoying, especially while debugging…

If I turn off Eager evalutation in the console settings, it stops the warning, although I’m not sure what else that disables.

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Chrome 103.0.5060.53 no longer has this issue

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