[SOLVED] UI image appears on top in VR

I load images dynamically and place them behind 3d models, like this:

now when I go into VR, the images appear on top of the 3d model.

The image is having layer “UI” and the model has “world” layer

what I have tried to make this work:

  1. changed layer order- didn’t work
  2. made new layer and assigned to the image and changed the layer order- doesn’t work
  3. converted the downloaded image to texture atlas and then to a sprite at run time- didn’t work

I am not sure what to try next to fix this…

Just to let you know I see this and will try to look at this this coming week.


Sorry, I didn’t update the thread earlier, I did solve this using two layers and making their order like this:


Ah cool, you may want to move layer3dModels opaque to be after World opaque to ensure it gets rendered before the layer UI images transparent layer

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