[SOLVED] UI BG is not auto scaling

Hi using the following resolution settings for the project.
and for the UI screen I am using the following settings

I want to auto-scale my UI background image on different mobile resolutions but it is not auto-scaling,

For example here are the screenshots for different resolutions:

“Pixel 2XL, 411x823”

“IphoneX , 375x812”

Only it is showing well on 720*1280 res.

Can anybody guide me, where I am doing something wrong?

Hi @Faisal,

Check out this piece of documentation for working with image elements:


You will specifically want to use the sections around anchors. That will ensure that the background image is always stretched to the edges of the screen

Looks like you may want something like CSS Cover. Please see the post here: Scale background image to screen size - #3 by yaustar

Thanks Issue Resolved.