[SOLVED] Type error: Null is not an object

Hello, so I am trying to reset the button’s positions (and this event is fired when you go to the menu), but for some reason I’m getting an error. Here is my code:

   app.on('buttons:fixoffset', function () {
        this.item = app.root.findByName('Start Button');
        this.item1 = app.root.findByName('Score Button');
        this.item2 = app.root.findByName('Rate Button');
        this.item3 = app.root.findByName('OK Button');
        this.item4 = app.root.findByName('Share Button');
        this.item5 = app.root.findByName('Pause Button');
        this.item6 = app.root.findByName('Play Button');
        var pos;
        pos = this.item.getLocalPosition();
        this.item.setLocalPosition(pos.x, -0.576, pos.z);
        var pos2;
        pos2 = this.item1.getLocalPosition();
        this.item1.setLocalPosition(pos2.x, -0.576, pos2.z);
        var pos3;
        pos3 = this.item2.getLocalPosition();
        this.item2.setLocalPosition(pos3.x, -0.38, pos3.z);
        var pos4;
        pos4 = this.item3.getLocalPosition();
        this.item3.setLocalPosition(pos4.x, -0.576, pos4.z);
        var pos5;
        pos5 = this.item4.getLocalPosition();
        this.item4.setLocalPosition(pos5.x, -0.576, pos5.z);
        var pos6;
        pos6 = this.item5.getLocalPosition();
        this.item5.setLocalPosition(pos6.x, 0.78, pos6.z);
        var pos7;
        pos7 = this.item6.getLocalPosition();
        this.item6.setLocalPosition(pos7.x, 0.78, pos7.z);
    }, this);

Probably very inefficient. The first part works where it uses pos, but the rest of them don’t and I can’t figure out why, thanks for any help! image

Hello @ThePastaNebula,

In which line are you getting the error?

I’m unsure on how to figure out what lines these reference, but here:

Looks like it couldn’t find the entity ‘Rate Button’ which is what this.item2 is referencing.

I just realised it’s called "Rate" not "Rate Button" haha, sorry for this stupid mistake