[SOLVED] Two different videos for two screens at one scene


Pls could someone to advice is it possible to upload two different videos fro two screens at one scene using this tutorial?


Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk,

You can easily adapt that example, with no changes in code, to play different videos per monitor. Here is my take on that:


Though I am not fully sure that would be compatible with all browsers/devices on mobile, they will have to support multiple video playback. Do enough testing to prove it works.

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Yes, it works!

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I do wonder if it works on mobile though :thinking:

Tested on the following devices:

  • Android, Samsung Galaxy S10, both videos load and play on screen.
  • iOS, iPhone XR, both videos load and play on screen.

i think before iOS 10, you weren’t able to play more than 1 videos at the same time on iOS.


Honor 8x, works.