[SOLVED] Two collisions on one entity?

Hello. I have the entity collision of the player that has component of the rigid body and a script movement. I want to add a second collision without a hard body component and lower it slightly below the player collision so that the second collision detects collisions of other models. Tell me, please, how can I attach a second collision to a player collision, move it behind a player collision and check for collision detection of other models without a rigid body component?

Here are the screenshots. Player collision and collision to detect collisions of other models:

I wanted to use the second collision to detect other entities to perform the jumps, since the contact event sometimes returns false. I found a way to attach a second collision to the player’s entity and I realized that without a rigid body component, collision events would not work. Looking for information, I found the mask and group properties, which allow you to ignore collisions. However, this method did not help me to solve my problem and reworked the algorithm differently.