[SOLVED] Tweens broke due to engine update

I just spent a few hours trying to figure out why all my tweens broke in the middle of the day…
Then I found out there was an update to playcanvas-tween made just 10 minutes ago. Overwriting my own tween.js with the new one works.

Does PlayCanvas just role out core-engine changes without any announcements, or is there a service I can subscribe to to stay up to date and avoid this in the future?

ho! I also had a problem today and I thought its just me doing something wrong

if it’s tween-related, grabbing latest tween.js fixed it for me


When we deploy the engine we write release notes on github: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/releases .

It would be useful to click watch on the engine repository on Github to get notified about new releases. For this specific release I just added a note on the release notes that mentions that you need to update the tween library.

Sorry for the inconvenience - I’ll do a post on the forum as well!