[SOLVED] Tween not starting

Hey there :slight_smile:
i’m using the playcanvas tween library (https ://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-tween).
i downloaded the zip, uploaded it to my project and implemented it correctly i think:

 this.entity.tween(this.entity.getPosition()).to({x: 0, y: 8, z: -12}, 1.0, pc.Linear).yoyo(true).start();

but nothing is happening (also there are no errors). the object ist just a box without any physics.
does anyone have some experience with this ?

The tween library was updated a couple of minutes ago - please use the latest tween.js file and that should fix it.

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the problem has not been the library, “getPosition” just won’t work (i assume it’s read only), so i’ve set it to “getLocalPosition”

Indeed that’s true. Your post came up right when the tween library broke for a bunch of people - what a coincidence! Nice catch