[SOLVED] Turn off 3d model via asset

Is it possible to turn off a 3d model via the screen grab attached? and is there a reference some where for that that I can put in my script?


Hi @Mattturner2021 ,

Do you want to simply turn off the model? You can do it like this

this.entity.render.enabled = false;

You can reference the entity in a script either by finding the entity like this

let entityRef = this.app.root.findByName("entity");

or by making an script attribute and drag/drop the entity to it

TestScript.attributes.add("entity", { type: "entity", title: "Ref to entity" });


brill will give that a try!

so basically I have two objects one is the child of the other… I would like to turn off the parent but keep on the child on. So if I turn off the parent the child gets turned off too. So I was thinking if I can just switch off the render of the model component that could work… seems to work thank you :slight_smile:

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this worked very well for me… I’m trying to add a second attribute though and that doesn’t seem to work.

is there anything obviously wrong with this?

var Turnoff = pc.createScript('turnoff');

// initialize code called once per entity

Turnoff.attributes.add("entity", { type: "entity", title: "Ref to entity" });

 // second one is added here
Turnoff.attributes.add("test", { type: "entity", title: "Ref to particles" });

Turnoff.prototype.initialize = function() {

// Whether the element is currently hovered or not

this.hovered = false;

// mouse events

this.entity.element.on('mouseenter', this.onEnter, this);

this.entity.element.on('mousedown', this.onPress, this);

this.entity.element.on('mouseup', this.onRelease, this);

this.entity.element.on('mouseleave', this.onLeave, this);

// touch events

   this.entity.element.on('touchstart', this.onPress, this);

   this.entity.element.on('touchend', this.onRelease, this);

   test.this.entity.element.on('mouseup', this.onRelease, this);


Turnoff.prototype.onRelease = function (event) {

if (this.entity.element.on) {

   this.entity.render.enabled = !this.entity.render.enabled;


  //second one is added here
    if (this.entity.element.on) {

   this.entity.render.enabled = !this.entity.render.enabled;




The issue is that you are doing this.entity for both the attributes, the second one is named “test”, so it should be this.test.render.enabled

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thanks! works great :slight_smile: